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Concerning the avoidance of “English Education” in 19th century Muslim India

An Important Reflection of a Muse

Taṣawwuf, Psuedo-Ṣūfīs and Bidʻah!

By Sayyid Mahbūb Rizwī
Translated by Prof. Murtaz ḤusaynF. Qurayshī

This blame has gained notoriety against the ulema of India, particularly against the ulema of Deoband, that, by issuing a fetwa against the acquirement of the English education, they prevented the Muslims from acquiring it, wherefore the Muslims lagged behind other communities in in the field of worldly progress. But this blame is baseless, because the ulema were against only that curriculum which might lead the Muslims towards atheism and irreligion. This danger was being felt in Aligarh itself. Accordingly, to obviate it, an independent Department of Theology was established there, and when Maulana Muhammad Qasim’s son-in-law, Maulana Abd Allah Ansari, was invited to head it, the Dar al-Ulum promptly accepted this invitation. Maulana Abd Allah Ansari graced this post till the end of his life and after him, his son, Maulana Ahmed Mian Ansari, was appointed on this…

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